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Astronomy StackExchange Site

June 22, 2011

I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Jeff Attwood and Joel Spolsky’s family of question and answer sites.  I was an early, although not strongly active, user (#116) of their original StackOverflow site and have at least registered with many of the other sites that have come out as part of the StackExchange network of sites.  I even proposed a site (Role-playing) that is currently in public beta.

Anyway, this short post is to announce a new StackExchange site that I’m really excited about, namely the Astronomy StackExchange. This is a great site where you can get answers to any questions you have about astronomy.  But to make it really great we need more people participating on the site, both asking questions and answering them.

So if you have an interest in astronomy jump over and check it out.

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