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New look

March 22, 2013

Finally got around to getting the WordPress back end, plugins, and themes updated.  The theme update changed the appearance slightly or maybe more than slightly.  I still need to tweak it a bit but I think I like the new look.

If you are accessing via mobile devices, the theme change was dramatic.  The mobile theme I was using got updated and started injecting ads into my site.  I wasn’t happy with that so I removed it and went to a second theme I had selected back when I first set up the site.  I’m not completely happy with that one (which is why I wasn’t using it) so I’m going to revisit the mobile theme in the near future.

Hello world!

February 7, 2011

This is a programming blog so ‘Hello world!’ is an appropriate first title.

Welcome to Programming Space, a blog where I hope to talk about my experiences as a programmer, astronomer, and other topics losely related to those areas.  I think I suffer from what Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) describes as the Fear of Writing.  It’s not that I don’t and can’t write, but it is usually to a small audience.  And I’m not very quick about it.  I type reasonably well (~60 wpm) but my thoughts go so much faster than my fingers and I’m editing before I even get it on the page.  And I like to write in detail.  And explain things.  And give all the background.  And it just takes a long time for me to compose anything in written form.

And so I’m going to take the plunge and start this blog.

This is actually the third blog I’ve started.  The first, which is still limping along, is a gaming blog called Star Frontiers Lives On! and is dedicated to an old school Science Fiction role-playing game that I love.  As part of my blogging efforts, I plan on putting out more content there as well.  You can expect to see more on the topic of Star Frontiers appearing on these pages since I spend a lot of my free time working on Star Frontiers projects.

My second attempt at blogging was a personal blog that originally had similar goals to this one.  It is dead.  And so we are here.

Welcome once again to Programming Space.  I hope you enjoy the content in the coming weeks and months.

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